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Odd Sized PTAC Replacement Units by Islandaire

Islandaire PTAC! For Old, Odd Sized PTAC Replacement.

Does your hotel, office building, nursing home, or
school have older, odd-sized PTAC air conditioners?
Modern standard-size through-wall PTAC's are
42" X 16", if your units are not 42" X 16" you have
what is considered to be "odd-sized" units, Many
of these odd sized makes and models are no longer
made by the original manufacturer and are difficult if
not impossible to find.

At Air Condition Parts we work with a Islandaire.
Islandaire manufactures custom PTAC sizes designed specifically to replace old obsolete sized units.
Islandaire odd sized new replacement PTAC units allow you to replace your old obsolete PTACs without
the added expense associated to reconstructing current wall openings, and purchasing new replacement
sleeves. For a larger remodeling project, Islandaire, custom odd sized PTAC units could save thousands
in ac refitting costs.

35 Different Models Designed to Replace
your Odd Sized PTAC Units!

The Islandaire manufacturing facility is located in Long Island, NY. Islandaire produces thirty-five different
models that replace over forty-five odd sized and obsolete OEM models. If you have realized that you
are faced with replacing odd sized obsolete PTAC units, be sure to speak with our equipment specialists.
We'll help you identify the right equipment for your project and deliver it at the
best possible price. Guaranteed!


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